Anti-slip Treatment

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The SLIPSTOP Scotland franchise is owned and run by Anchor Flooring. In addition to providing anti-slip flooring treatments using SLIPSTOP, Anchor Flooring supplies and fits HP Sparatcote Seamless Resin Flooring, Marine, Commercial and Sports flooring for customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Benefits of SLIPSTOP :

Eliminates slip accidents at a fraction of the cost of any reliable alternative
Fast, convenient application, with no drying or curing time
Effective under dry, wet or even greasy conditions
Single application guaranteed for 5 years

SLIPSTOP Scotland Anti-slip Treatment for floors

Slip and fall accidents are the single most common cause of non-fatal accidents at work. Businesses who do not take steps to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers are at risk of costly personal injury claims.
SLIPSTOP anti-slip treatments are the safe, effective solution for slippery floors - in any environment.